Online personality spotlight: Lauren Curtis will encourage you to ‘make up your own rules’

lauren curtis beauty makeup youtube blogger australia

If you haven’t heard of Lauren Curtis, get ready for more pretty in your life.

Beauty influencer Lauren Curtis is a blogger and vlogger who has nailed that special balance of what makes online beauty tutorials so fascinating – fun, helpful, warm, engaging and yes, beautiful. There are plenty of aspiring beauty bloggers out there and while there is no concrete formula for success, Lauren’s followers would agree she has that little extra something special. Originally from Perth, Lauren now resides in Sydney after she moved across the country to pursue her opportunities she gained through her online presence.

Lauren is reported to have approximately 6 million followers across all of her social media platforms. To date, Lauren has over 3.2 million subscribers and over 210 million views on YouTube, 161 000 Twitter followers, almost two million Facebook fans and over one million Instagram followers. Together with her blog (statistics unknown but probably equally impressive), that is an incredible achievement.

The people at YouTube obviously agree. This year, Lauren has been featured prominently as the face of YouTube Australia. Imagine my delight as seeing the blonde beauty up on massive billboards and ads at Central Station amongst other international online sensations on my way to uni or at the local bus stop during the daily commute. Her short ad – just over half a minute – is also featured on YouTube. What makes Lauren’s piece stand out is the positive way that she promotes being comfortable in your own skin, no matter who you are or what make up you chose to wear. This could be a cliché concept in the wrong hands, but it feels genuine coming from Lauren. That’s probably the whole point.

While Lauren hasn’t drawn specific criticism for her career choices, her comments to the Sydney Morning Herald show that she is self-aware about the transient nature of online popularity. She even acknowledges that she took up a job as a make-up artist to try to further her credibility and pursue her passion in a more traditional pathway, but returned to posting content online because her online success allows her to make a comfortable living from creating her own body of work. Good on her for paving her own path and being brave enough to pursue her passions through the exciting and scary online world.

Watch Lauren’s collaboration with YouTube below. Give us a shout in the comments if you follow Lauren’s channel.

Mariel x


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