Common misconceptions about bloggers

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Many of us have an idea of what a blogger is and what they do. From my observations, it seems to be that the top 1% of bloggers are revered by their followers and brands who want to work with them. However, people who run mid-size blogs or are just starting out don’t receive the same love, sometimes experiencing scepticism and public negativity for putting themselves out there.

So I’ve looked into what many individuals within the blogging community feel are negative or unrealistic stereotypes that non-blogging types have based on some shaky assumptions. Here are seven common misconceptions and misunderstandings about bloggers and what exactly running a blog entails:

  1. Blogging is easy, doesn’t take a lot of work

Creating a successful blog post consists of more than the sum of its parts: brainstorming, writing, sourcing, photographing, editing, promoting and engaging. Consider more traditional media outlets, who have whole teams to put content together. Often bloggers have to work unconventional hours to get the job done and communicate the right information to their audience. The idea that blogging is a silly hobby and could never what traditionalists call a ‘real’ job does not ring true anymore.

  1. Bloggers share everything of their lives on social media

Online influencers often post on social media to maintain a connection with their audience. This can lead readers/viewers to believe they personally know the blogger which is the sign of a great connection. While knowing a person’s mannerisms, current obsessions and opinions on certain topics promotes this idea, this does not always hold true. It is important to remember that audiences are seeing edited snippets and snapshots of another person’s life. This doesn’t make them anything less than their authentic self, but it is not their whole self.

  1. If you write good content, people will follow your blog

So you’ve written the best post of your life. You think it’s really engaging, fresh, funny, insightful – but you’re not getting the site traffic. If everyone who wrote quality content received the traffic they deserved, each blog would have views in spades. Since that is unfortunately not how life works, bloggers have to be willing to promote their blog and themselves through a plethora of social media platforms to be heard amongst the crowd. This is probably what perpetuates that attention-seeking stereotype for online influencers, which is for the most part undeserved. If you want your blog to gain an audience, get that self-promo. 

  1. Bloggers must crank out the posts to remain relevant

Due to the fast-paced nature of the online, digital world we now live in, there is the pressure for bloggers to spit out several blog posts. There is a common misconception that if a blogger posts daily, this will increase their chances of page visits. This is simply not the case. It is up to each individual blogger to set the parameters within the time they have to produce good content. Consistency and quality content are key.

  1. Bloggers get lots of free stuff all the time

A blogger’s role is to provide a personalised, honest opinion about things that interest them in order to hopefully influence other people’s decisions or start a discussion. As such, PR companies will send online influencers products to either review or giveaway to their audience. This results in a stash of products that no one human being could possibly use in their lifetime. However, receiving these products come with a price. Often there is an obligation to promote the product in exchange for receiving the product.  

  1. Bloggers are stereotypically beautiful, jet-setting cosmopolitans

Along with the blogger cast of ‘loner kid in their bedroom’ and ‘vapid attention-seeker’ comes the ‘unbelievably beautiful jet-setter who gets invited to all the exclusive parties, darling’. Sure, many aspiring bloggers live in or move to gorgeous locations to be in the centre of the action, particularly fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers. However, the nature of the internet does allow people to find beauty and a listening audience anywhere in the world. 

  1. All about the money

If you plan to get into blogging because you think it will be an easy cash grab, think again. The majority of bloggers make a pittance and will tell you that the reason they blog is because they enjoy talking about things they are interested in. Money is low on the list of incentives. For those who are thinking about monetising on their blog, consider allowing ads on the blog or setting up a business email in case a company would consider you to write sponsored posts.

Which was the most interesting point to you? Would be interested to hear your thoughts.

Mariel x


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