Online personality spotlight: Natalie Tran aka Community Channel

Photo Credit: Natalie Tran (
Photo Credit: Natalie Tran (

Natalie Tran, more commonly known as ‘communitychannel’, has long reigned as one of Australia’s top vloggers. Her self-deprecating and quirky observations about her everyday life has resonated with her online audience that now reaches almost to two million subscribers. Today, Nat’s YouTube adventures have given her the opportunity to work with YouTube Australia, The Sydney Morning Herald and the MCA and performed at various YouTube conventions around the world. I’ve been a fan for roughly six years, with her video ‘bending at the knees for love’ cementing a beautiful relationship between viewer and content creator.

One of the main reasons that Nat has had continued success is the way that she has remained true to her vlogging style. Whether she is collaborating with brands like Samsung and Lonely Planet, putting on her journalist pants as a media correspondent or uploading a video on her own channel, Nat has been consistently and delightfully herself. The content of her videos can range from shower thoughts to social media commentary, from comedy skits to chatting about national identity, yet Nat has approached each topic with her own unique style. So it’s not surprising at all that communitychannel has gone from strength to strength and Nat has been enjoying the rewards.

You have to admire her commitment to being the best social influencer and content creator that she can be. Nat switched degrees after studying teaching for two years so she could study Digital Media at the University of New South Wales. In other words, she went to university and got a degree in YouTube. Click here to watch her use her influence as an online personality for good to speak at Brown University about racism in media.

As a prominent social influencer, Nat Tran shows that commitment, hard work and genuine passion can help to achieve great success, no matter what the professional field. More power to her!

Watch below for Nat’s thoughts on being an online influencer:

Are there any fans of communitychannel out there? Comment below and let me know what you think makes her one of the coolest chicks on and offline.

Mariel x


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