Online personality spotlight: Troye Sivan is driving us ‘WILD’

Photo Credit: Matt Gibson, Flickr (
Photo Credit: Matt Gibson, Flickr (

Musician/actor/vlogger/model/comedian. Troye Sivan is one and all of these. Having started a YouTube channel in 2007, Troye’s channel has since transformed several times to match his evolving interests. From song covers, to vlogging, to comedy skits, to challenges, to video diaries and everywhere in between, Troye’s personal voice has remained the same throughout. Today, Troye is using his voice (pun intended) to release his new EP ‘WILD’ as a signed recording artist and support the LGBTQ+ community.

Troye made waves in the online community with his most popular video, which was posted in 2013. His ‘Coming Out’ video was where he stated he was gay and he received an overwhelmingly positive response. Scroll through the comments and two things stand out. First, support for Troye and admiration of his bravery in publicly sharing his thoughts on his coming out process. Second, comments from his audience who share their fears and experiences with coming out to their loved ones and received support from other viewers. By creating a positive space on the internet for people who are also exploring their identity, Troye is an online influencer who has used his influence to bring LGBTQ+ issues into the public conversation and continues to do so. The video went viral and has almost six million views to date.

Troye is also another prime example of an individual who has used their online influence as a springboard into other creative industries, without forgetting his roots. In 2013, Troye signed a recording contract with EMI Australia, a Universal Music Australia label, after being noticed for his ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ song and video that he wrote, sang and posted to his self-named channel. A year later, Troye announced at VidCon 2014 that he was releasing an EP titled ‘TRXYE’. His dedicated audience followed him into his new musical venture, leading TRXYE to soar to number one on iTunes and debut at number five in America. His second EP, ‘WILD’, was released this year and shows musical and lyrical growth from his previous offerings. His upcoming tours have sold out in minutes, a clear indication of his popularity and an acknowledgment of his enduring influence. It is only a matter of time before he reaches a wider audience with his music.

I really encourage everyone to watch the first two instalments of his ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ music video series. They are beautifully shot and approach LGBTQ+ issues in an honest way that I have never seen portrayed in mainstream pop music before. It’s amazing to see Troye break down barriers and promote positivity just by being himself.



Update: Troye has just released the third instalment of his ‘Blue Neighbourhood’ series with a music video for ‘TALK ME DOWN’ off his debut album ‘Blue Neighbourhood’. Huge congratulations to Troye!

Thoughts on Troye’s growth from the Aussie kid on YouTube to vocal LGBTQ advocate and recording artist? Please comment below!

Mariel x


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