Think piece: Can blogging and vlogging be a career? An honest answer

How many of us have wished to drop everything that is stressing us out at the moment – work, university, friends, family – to seek out greener pastures? Most of us would be kidding ourselves if we had suggested otherwise. For the uninitiated, starting a blog or YouTube channel and making a career and lifestyle out of those potential opportunities would seem like the way up and out. Welcome to the Age of Social Media, where not everything is as it seems.

Don’t let that thought get you down just yet! We are now at a time when the innovators of online social media platforms are branching out into new creative ventures, convincing people along the way that blogging and vlogging has real influential value. The online sphere is becoming a new creative, engaging industry. It certainly appears that online personalities are starting to enjoy some recognition from the general public outside of the main demographic. The upswing of brand collaborations, ad campaigns, merchandising deals indicate that the monetisation of YouTube has begun (recently YouTube itself has announced monetising plans in the form of ‘YouTubeRed’) and online personalities have now carved their own space and brand of celebrity.

So can you actually make a career as an online influencers through blogging and vlogging?

The short answer is ‘yes’. There are plenty of case studies that show that being an online influencer can be incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. Hopefully this campaign has drawn attention to their successes and encouraged support for people who have non-traditional careers.

However, it is important to remember that these cases are at the highest tiers of this new industry. Like actors that wait tables while auditioning for their big break, most bloggers and vloggers may never reach a place where they can live off their career as an online personality. Online personalities also have to deal with curiosity about money and with the preconceived notions of people who don’t understand exactly how ‘this whole blogging thing’ works.

For the moment, the most comfortable level for bloggers and vloggers would be to create content as a side passion project (feel free to disagree in the comments). If it takes off after a while, fantastic. If you become the next online sensation, more power to you. If ‘this whole blogging thing’ doesn’t work out, then it’s onto greener pastures for you.

To conclude, succeeding at blogging and vlogging is similar to finding success in any other creative industry. It requires blood, sweat and tears, yes, but it can be personally rewarding if it comes from a genuine place of wanting to create interesting and engaging material. There are plenty or readily accessible resources available for those who want to get started. If you are committed, have fresh perspective and think you can get through the clutter, go for it! Best of luck to any new or soon-to-be online influencers.

Here on this blog we will always be #TeamInternet.

Question to readers: if you were to start a blog, what would you choose to blog about? And do you agree that online platforms are paving the way for a new creative industry? I’d really be interested to know your thoughts.

Mariel x


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